The Scientific-Technical Assocation for Building Maintenance and Conservation Association (WTA) presents the information sheet 4-6 “Subsequent sealing building parts in the professional world were revised again. The basic preliminary studies, taking into account the building design conditions of damaged buildings, are described.

WTA Worksheet review

We support you with clear, determined only by facts IST-analysis. Analog and digital analysis technology, short and long term logger process with Web-based documentation are a clear alternative to conceptual works based on assumptions. When plans are drawn up, they often determine the preference, equipment and product processing habits of bosses on the desired restructuring plan.

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Gel injections constitute special measures in the sceneries of subsequent building sealings. Due to building complexes, damaged seals are sometimes inaccessible. When that is the case, the gel injection technologies are performed from the room side or front of the building. Success and cost-effectiveness of the seal are largely dependent on the quality of building diagnosis and the work of the engineer.


To WTA leaflet curtain grouting and dBHL commentary

You can find an overview of analytical services here.


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