System integration

System integration is the integration of various operational systems into a unified, common automation, information, and communication network.

Comprehensive system integration is an important prerequisite for simple and safe facility operation and monitoring. It also improves maintenance and thus operational reliability and service life.

System integration is also an important prerequisite for energy efficiency. System integration creates the basis for the intelligent interaction of all system components. System integration makes it possible to exploit synergies to operate buildings in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

System integration with Kieback&Peter

Employees of Kieback & Peter are experts in system integration. Through their education and additional in-house training they have extensive know-how. They have close contact with the customers and know their needs and requirements. They are, above all, be able to communicate with representatives of different trades and know how to make various individual systems a comprehensive system. Add to this the experience and expertise of a company has been active on the market for more than 80 years.

An important element of system integration is open automation protocols and fundamental technologies like BACnet, LON or EnOcean. Kieback & Peter has mastered all technologies for building automation. We are a founding member of the BACnet Interest Group Europe, a member of the LonMark Germany and a member of the EnOcean Alliance.

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