(sib) has worked for many years in audio-video installations in school auditoriums, seminar and conference spaces and classrooms together with the Free University of Berlin, Humboldt University Berlin, the Foundation for Prussian Palaces and Gardens, and Berlin district offices. We have turned complex media technology into intelligent solutions for these auditoriums, function rooms, and concert halls as well as lecture halls, seminar rooms, and conference rooms.


With our app customers get a simple and user-friendly interface in the palm of their hands. The app drastically improves environmental performance by helping to reduce electricity, hot and cold water consumption and operating costs, thereby improving the long-term ecological balance of housing.

Reduction of heating costs: the app
lets you adjust each room’s temperature independently, and lowers the heating at night and when you leave the apartment. Optionally, you can also regulate temperatures via your phone when you are on the and even check if and where windows are open.

Reduction of electricity costs: light sources are centrally controlled. They are dimmed according to brightness requirements and turned off when leaving the house or going to bed using an app while on the go.

Reduction of water consumption costs: We want to be able to control the water consumption and identify individual environmental vulnerabilities, such as toilet flushing or long showers. This way we can easily suggest ways to improve.

Improve safety: use our alarm system to find out whether windows or doors are open. In “absent” mode the alarm is turned on and even simulates your presence by controlled switching on and off of lights.

Increased living comfort: all of your information is available at a glance and easily controllable via smartphone. There’s no need to go all the way to the door in order to use the intercom or to change the light.

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Dirk Förster

030 55492581

Heidelberger Str. 35

12059 Berlin