Design of an H2020 application from the EU's EE7 call

On 30.09.2016 the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) approved the funding for our association to prepare its own H2020 application. The application for the short and intensive application preparation will be done together with the HTW Berlin.

The aim is to bring an excellent project to the region with several European clusters that specialise in “energy efficiency”. In terms of content, new business fields are being dealt with which enable end users (here: tenants of municipal housing companies) to reduce their own user habits of heating energy consumption across Europe. The aim is to achieve at least 20% savings in heating energy through low investment measures in the spirit of the BBU project “ALFA”.
Jörg Lorenz, Chairman of the Green with IT Association, said: “It is the many assets of this Rregion which encourage us to shape this proposal without excessive optimism, but with a firm determination to shape it at the forefront of Europe. Without the rich and unique experiences from previous successful collaborative projects with our universities, we would have been unable to ignore our misgivings, with good reason – it’s easy
to shy away from such an enormous effort with only a 10% chance of a grant. In many preliminary talks with European cluster representatives, we have been encouraged by the apparent strengths of our region in an H2020 application to bundle. The talks with the EASME SME in Brussels have also strengthened us and confirm our decision to pursue this opportunity.”
In the run-up to this, the EEN headquarters in Berlin was able to establish a great deal of interest throughout Europe after the project idea had been disseminated anonymously. A total of 18 clusters from all over Europe have applied to participate. The work is to be carried out in at least 3 different European climactic regions.

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