Crowd Climate Tool (CroClime): Our first "own" H2020 proposal submitted

On june 7th we have successfully submitted our first H2020 proposal as coordinators and technical supervisors: “CroClime” responds to the topic “Engaging private consumers towards sustainable energy”, included in the call H2020-EE-06-2016-2017. The scope of the call defines the goals of the CroClime project and follows the instructions by implementing effective and innovative measures for the sustainable change of consumer behaviour.

First of all we have to thank all of our national and international partners for supporting this. Berlin Partner in Bruxelles and Berlin and its EEN-structure were the administrative partners to help us in all duties to get the proposal submitted.

We got broad support by many cluster organizations, companies, economy supporting structures and private experts. Many of them finally got integrated into the proposal. So we have to thank the following partners:

  1. From Spain (without Catalunia):
    1. Asociación de Investigación y Cooperación Industrial de Andalucía
    2. CITIC Malaga
    3. Claner Malaga
    4. CTIC Asturia
    5. Everis Madrid
    6. Cluster R de Extremadura
    7. Forwit
    8. Habitec
    9. Idener
    10. Innovalia
    11. CITIZEM
  2. From Catalunia:
    1. EURECAT
  3. From Hungary
    1. EMI
    2. Archenergy Cluster
  4. UK
    1. Marine South East
    2. University of Birmingham
  5. Poland
    1. Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce
    2. University of Warszawa
  6. From Italy
    1. Science and Technology Park Piemonte
  7. From Finland
    1. Tampere University of applied science
  8. From Ireland
    1. Micro Electricity Generation Association (MEGA)

A first feedback is expected in November 2017; a decision about grant details in jan 2018.

We will keep our partners informed.

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