COP 21 Berlin 14.09.2016 HTW: CO2-Tonnagen zusammen mit den Bürgern senken (englischsprachig)

Get the citizens involved! Berlin has some excellent success stories, how citizens can be involved and get enthusiastic while forming a transformation process to drop CO2-rates. We call this “Stadtrenditen”! The smart city profits from measurable steps to save money for the citizens, to drop CO2-rates and to find citizen´s acceptance for innovative processes. green with IT shows how on sep. 14th at the HTW during the EnviroInfo 2016




Statutory law all over Europe and so in Berlin: CO2-tonnages are to be shut year by year. Measurable in comprehensive law action until 2050. COP 21 soon influences practices of daily life of all citizens in Europe. Without citizen´s involvement (Bürgerbeteiligung) surely an unworkable duty.
How can citizens get involved into valid dropping action? How can we create enthusiasm for these required yearly drop rates? Green with IT has done this for 12 years. During our info day we will show you success stories of citizens involvement and the calculable impact to the national CO2 balance sheets.


Already acquired: how to drop valid CO2-tonnages by incorporating tenants and citizens without investment! Integrating citizens and elating them to co-create the necessary steps is not an enchantment. The success is measurable in precise dropping rates. We will show this step by step and give the participants the opportunity to discuss this intensively.

13.30 Example 1: evaluated dropped rest waste amounts and impact for CO2-dropping rates Jörg Lorenz, green with IT
13.40 h Example 2: ladder of success: involving tenants in dropping heating energy consumption Jörg Lorenz, green with IT
13.50 h
Example 3: quarter management of heating energy and expected dropping rates Jörg Bachmann, green with IT
14.00 h
Example 4: how digitalization drops supply amounts: predictive load curve Jürgen Maaß, green with IT
14.10 h
Example 5: Zeitmeilen as a CO2-drop by creating enthusiasm for end users Carsten Recknagel, ITS-BB e.V.
14.20 h
Example 6: bottom-up-strategy by incorporating citizen´s behaviours and needs Prof. Eckardt Hertzsch, Joanes found.

14.30 World Café with the members: three topics
1. how to drop heating energy consumption in buildings moderation Jörg Lorenz, green with IT
2. mobility, public transportation, geo-referenced processes moderation: Dr. Peter Hecker, GEOkomm e.V.
3. how to incorporate citizens into convincing behavior change processes moderation: Prof. Hertzsch, Joanes found.

15.15 Conclusion, presentation of results by moderators Prof. Flämig, INFRANEU

15.30 end oft he workshop


Interested partners for a h2020 action “EE-07-2016-2017: Behavioural change toward energy efficiency through ICT” meet after 4.00 pm to discuss their involvement that will be guided by the “Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft” (HTW)

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